07 December 2012

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03 August 2011

Disney Castle and the Jenner!

Surprise! We went to Neuschwanstein- the castle Disney uses for his logo, and the most ostentatiously decadent but interesting residence I've seen to date. The castle wasn't finished because crazy Ludwig was found dead- murdered? suicide?- before his time. He was a little light in the loafers and was completely engaged in theater and the arts of the time- and his castle shows his priorities. Mythological tales and folklore from the plays of his time are shown in murals all over, with details on every inch of ceiling, floor and corner. I knew I would like this- I had no idea I would LOVE this! We got to hike around a bit and our pictures from the bridge are wunderbar!

Yesterday we took the Jennerbon- gondolas up the berg Jenner. We hiked around as a family and then Matt, Laceye, Jordan and I took the gondola to the very top for the view and another hike into the next valley overlooking the state of Salzburg- so schon!

More to come!

01 August 2011

Do Ray Mi and Salt Mines

The first day, we drove to Salzburg, Austria and took a delightful tour with our very personable guide, Christian. He showed us most every location from the Sound of Music scenes over the course of five hours, with much of Salzburg history, his own philosophies and girl troubles. He was ausgetzichnet! We had lunch near the MozartPlatz where the fountain is.

Yesterday we hit the salt mines in Durnnberg (pictures to come- so crazy!) where we rode benches on railway tracks deep into the mines and slid down wooden slides and, yes, crossed a lake on a boat under the ground!! We toured next to Jennerberg and had some eis in a cone next to Konigsee.

No time to write! Off to the next adventure!

30 July 2011

With the Sound of Music?

Day one in Germany! We are staying in a little village called Neuhaus outside of Schliersee (a lake city!) about an hour from Munich. Below you will see the picture from Matt and my balcony view! The hills are ALIVE!! All of the houses and buildings here are truly Bavarian, with beautiful church steeples scattered around the green hills and old mountains. Last night I had my first Schnitzel (traditional dish of some sort of veal and potato) and my first Dunkel Bier (dark beer)! The gasthauses here (restaurants, that either was or currently is also a place to sleep) allow dogs inside and we saw a scheoner hundt at the table next to ours. I woke up at 2am ready for the day- hello jetlag- but was able to fall back to sleep until 6am. Dad Gaither and I ran out for some Brotchen this morning- an amazing breakfast bread. If this nursing thing doesn't work out, I will most definitely open a German bakery as plan B. Der-licious!

Today we are going to Saltzburg, where The Sound of Music was filmed and where Mozart's mansion sits. More photogs to come as the trip progresses.

29 March 2011

To Introduce the Wonders of Men: Part 2

Here are several more (wooden) reasons my man Gaither is wonderful:

02 February 2011

To say goodbye to Meg and Jack?

A sad day in rock and roll. But they want it to be seen as a positive thing. I'm positive I want to see The Raconteurs now that the White Stripes are no option.

Here's a sweet song written originally by Dolly Parton. Goodbye, Meg and Jack. You were weird, but you were so good.

21 December 2010